Innotech Controls HTW58C Wall Temp & Humidity with Display, Adj & Ovr Wall Temperature & Humidity Sensor with Display Setpoint Adjust & Over-ride.. Product #: HTW58C-AU

HTW58C Wall Temp & Humidity with Display, Adj & Ovr

Product Code: HTW58C-AU
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 HTW58C Temperature and Relative Humidity detector, Celsius model with display, setpoint adjustment and override



  • Icon based backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Modern, attractive enclosure design
  • Wall mounted
  • Displays Temperature and Humidity at a glance
  • Onboard temperature sensor
  • Onboard humidity sensor
  • Displays Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F)
  • Push button interface for:        
    1. Temperature setpoint adjustment
    2. Occupancy override




Power Input 24VDC or 24VAC ±10% @ 50/60Hz Note
Power Consumption 10mA @24VDC (80mA w/ backlight on)
Note Polarity MUST be observed when connecting power.
Note If using 24VAC, the data and power cabling should be segregated and data run in screened cable (as shown on page 5 of datasheet).
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) non-condensing
Storage Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F) non-condensing
Housing is moulded from flame retardant plastics recognised by UL as UL94-V0. The housing is designed to maximise airflow to the onboard sensors. It should be mounted with a standard vertical C-Clip, or on a standard wall enclosure.
Color Grey / White
Dimensions (Maximum)             (W)70mm x (H)121mm x (D)41mm             [2.76" x 4.76" x 1.6"]
EN61326-1:2013 for CE Marking and RCM Labelling
Title 47 CFR, Part 15, Subpart B, Class A for FCC Verification

Onboard Sensor

Combination RH Capacitive Polymer & Temperature PTAT Solid State
RH Accuracy ±1.8% @ 23°C (73°F) from 0 to 80%
RH Linearity             Less than ±1% RH
RH Hysteresis ±0.2°C (0.36°F)                         from 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Resistance             NTC 10,000Ω thermistor (10K-2)
Accuracy ±0.2°C (0.36°F)                         from 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)

Inputs and Outputs

Temperature Temperature (Temp) Resistance, 10K-2 thermistor (Isolated)
Humidity (RH) 0 to 10VDC = 0 to 100% RH signal output (ref. to power GND)
Setpoint (STPT) 0 to 10VDC = configurable setpoint signal (ref. to power GND)
Occupancy (OVR) Occupied = 10VDC ("Man" displayed)                         Unoccupied = 0VDC ("Man" not displayed)                         (ref. to power GND)

Controls and Display

Setpoint Up and Down Buttons Down arrow Up arrow
Override / Select Single Button Power button
Backlit LCD for Temperature, Relative Humidity, Setpoint and Override
Primary Display Four Numeric Digits 19mm (0.75") high with one selectable decimal
Secondary Display Four Numeric Digits 12.7mm (0.5") high with one selectable decimal
Icons %Rh / SET / Man / Thermometer
Display Size (Width x Height) 40mm x 30mm (1.6" x 1.2")
Digit Resolution 0.1, 0.5 or 1
Units °C, °F, %Rh
Offset Range (HTW58 only) ±10 for RH and Temperature



HTW5xC Datasheet PDF(.pdf  3.68 MB)


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